Prenatal Care in Houston, TX

Welcome to the most wonderful time in your life!

Pregnancy brings so many emotions: excitement, joy, and amazement with a touch of anxiety and fear. We are so glad you have decided to let us guide you through this precious time.

We will provide you with personal care and assistance in everything that relates to your pregnancy. Our providers use the latest research supported testing and genetic evaluations throughout your prenatal course.

As an all-female office that focuses on whole body health and wellness, we provide you with the utmost care in all stages of your pregnancy.

Nutritional Counseling

Our office has functional nutritionists on staff to ensure you receive only the best vitamins and nutritional guidance from preconception to postpartum.

We offer preconception nutritional counseling to help you conceive a healthy baby, full nutritional testing to guide you through the prenatal period and postpartum nutritional counseling to guide you through the breastfeeding and post baby stages.

Our friendly female staff understands that the more we can do to navigate your course the more we enable you to do the most important thing-focus on your and your baby’s health.

We have included on further pages frequently asked questions and other general information that will help bring you comfort that you are in the best possible surrounding for your growing family.

Contact Us To Make An Appointment

If you are currently pregnant, please call our office at (281) 220-2069 to schedule your prenatal appointment.  

If you are not currently pregnant, but would like to discuss a pre-conception plan with one of our provider.